The Dan Bishop Band


Thank you for stopping in. The following pages will give you an insight to our group. I started this group back in 2010 after years of not playing due to my business obligations. I finally decided that the groups I was hearing playing out had lost any feeling in their playing and singing. Most bands were playing the same material over and over again or were tribute bands. I do not like tribute bands myself and wanted a band that played singer-songwriter songs that told a story and had good vocals.

So I created Mixed Nutz, as a duo, then progressed to a full band and renamed it The Dan Bishop Band. My first name, Dan and people call me, The Bishop, so, The Dan Bishop Band sounded good and the name and new line up worked and still works well. You can see us on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK

If you want to book our band or get info contact Dan by cell phone: 631-241-0539 or email us at;